February 12, 2007

When Google's Algorithm Changes

I have recently observed some changes within Googles Search Engine Results Page, indicating some sort of shift to it's algorithm. Searching for some validation and foresight, i came across a couple great observations:

"It has been known in search engine optimization (SEO) circles for quite some time that one could successfully implement what is referred to as a GoogleBomb. The best example was a search on the phrase "miserable failure". A search on those words within Google would show George W. Bush's biography at the White House website, in the top three or four results of the search results. This would occur, despite the fact that neither word in the search criteria resides on the White House website. At one time, Bush's biography had been in the Number 1 spot, but counter-bombing campaigns moved Bush's listing down the page a bit....

... my point was to show the importance of anchor text in a link to build the value of a web page in the Google search engine result pages (SERPS)."

"The "miserable failure" GoogleBomb came to exist within a loophole within the Google algorithms. Google puts a lot of value on the anchor text that points to a particular web page. It is part of their "one link – one vote" philosophy as to the value of a web page." -Bill Platt

So Google is constantly updating to close these loopholes, unfortunately the moment one closes the opportunity for another opens!! Keep yourself up-to-date or your web site has the potential to just disappear.

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