February 08, 2007

How should you build your business online?

A great little clip from the QuickBooks Community web site, reinforcing the value and intricacies of Internet marketing for small businesses-

How do you know when to take your business to the Internet and how much should you put on? Should you start your own website or purchase a store from eBay or other sites like that? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated!
- Sioux1

Every business should have an Internet component - you just really can't be in business without it. That doesn't mean that the Internet is your only form of marketing, but it's a great way to integrate many forms of marketing. With regards to your store question. Depending upon your long range goals, your own site may be the best bet. You can look at option like a Yahoo Store and then add an eBay presence as well. The one thing about marketing, including marketing on the Internet, is that you are best served by using all of the various tools out there like store fronts, web sites, RSS feeds and blogs to build and support your own brand.
- John Jantsch

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