December 12, 2006

"Profile" Pages Abound!

Profile pages abound, as does the clutter and confusion. Local merchants are being inundated with all sorts of microsites, profile pages, detailed pages, listings, enhanced listings, featured listings, sponsor listings, etc, etc....and worse yet, each of these listing types has multiple affiliated brands, many requiring a Go/No Go decision by the merchant. The fear is the average merchant who recognizes the need to promote their business online just simply does not have that many "Yeses" in them and we risk frustrating and alienating those merchants who will "wait for it all to be sorted out or simplified". Cornerstone bundles many brands and listing types into its "meta-local" value paks and has seen good receptivity from local merchants who are busy running their businesses. We've found that whereas the lead brands certainly matter...Yahoo and many cases the gravy (and peace of mind) to the local merchant is the inclusion in organic and base inclusion across many brands.

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