February 02, 2007

Does Local Search Need a Facelift or Is It Just You?

With local search becoming increasingly popular, shifted mainly by web surfers need to find more relevant results, most search directories actually fail to provide the consistent, relevantly organized data most searchers assume they should be seeing. This can severely damage a local businesses community status as for those searches they don't even exist.

Out of sight, out of mind really rings true in the local search realm, as many of your competitors have the opportunity of showing up in the results page and taking away a client willing to partner with your business if you were to appear.

In order to rectify this issue your best bet is to allocate 4-10 hours a week on research and development of your current web presence. If you or your business is new to search engine marketing then a little more time will be needed to initially develop a strategy, build your content and distribute your core data.

Finding a company to provide a one stop shop solution can be exhausting as many firms in the space have focused on providing very niche offerings that fill in just one piece of your online advertising puzzle. I know of one that can help.........

Who else spends at least 40 hrs a week online?

-Eric S.
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