November 30, 2006

Cornerstone Local Stands Alone
Cornerstone posted some news today...the recent spinoff of Cornerstone Local as a separate business entity from our "parent" company, Cornerstone Marketing.

It's an exciting time for CLocal as we have hundreds of existing customers and our monthly economics are favorable. However, the landscape is littered with the remains of other local SME service firms that struggled. Just today, it was reported that InsiderPages reduced their staff from 30 to 10 employees....and Judy's Book may be seeing "national local" as their route in local.
Well, Cornerstone is a pure "local local" stay tuned. Thanks, Jeff

November 13, 2006

Too Local?
How Local is too Local? We never thought we'd say can be too local! We've had a real challenge delivering enough traffic to certain clients that want to target single counties or less in scope and reach...especially for tier 2 and tier 3 categories. Thus, we are refreshing KWs, adding depth via new search brands and venues and testing higher-priced KWs. Your insights are appreciated...CL